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About Cheri Jahn

Senator Cheri Jahn is a single mother and small business owner from Wheat Ridge. In her eight years as a Representative in the State House, she stood up for those who would not otherwise have their voices heard.

Cheri understands the value that comes from a hard day’s work. She received her Paralegal degree from the Community College of Denver while running her business and raising her three children. She has been actively involved with the Stevens Elementary PTA, the Everitt Middle School Accountability Committee, and co-chair of the Jefferson County Schools District Accountability Committee. She also worked as a victim advocate and first pager responder often responding to calls in the middle of the night.  Cheri volunteered over 7,000 hours to the Victims Services for several local Police Agencies.

In the State House, Cheri used her experience running Colorado Housekeeping Services to bring common sense approaches to small businesses and economic development. She fought to offer incentives to retain and grow small businesses in the state as well as increase tourism dollars. Cheri Jahn understands strong economic development policies create a stronger job market that benefits all Coloradans.

Cheri has a long record of standing up for our seniors, veterans, and the disabled. She was a founding member of the Fitzsimons Nursing Home Task Force and Advisory Board.  The United Veterans Committee of Colorado twice recognized her as Legislator Of The Year for her work in defense of our veterans.  She sponsored and passed a bill to allow the disabled to choose their own in-home caregivers to afford them the dignity they deserve.

In 2008 Cheri received the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award from the Economic Development Council of Colorado, the Common Sense in the Courtroom Award from the Civil Justice League, and the National Design-Build Distinguished Leadership Award. 

During her eight years in the State House, Cheri worked hard to build bridges across the aisle because Cheri firmly believes good policy comes from good collaboration and thoughtful dialogue.  Cheri’s focus is always on what is best for the people of Colorado, and there is never a wrong time to do the right thing.